see me hear me

See me, hear me, brand me.

The other day I heard Spike Lee talking on the radio about the process of curating the right music for the superb soundtrack to his latest ‘joint’, BlackKklansman. He was talking passionately about lo…

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Time To Get Virtually Real

Apple: Time to get virtually real?

Last week I found myself spouting anti-Apple polemic with a friend as we tried to play songs via Bluetooth from an iPhone on a car journey. Like many people, the machinations of iTunes had confused my…

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Trust me, I’m a designer.

There’s been a lot of talk about this Brexit and the nature of risk over the last few months. No doubt this chatter is only going to get noisier over the oncoming weeks. No one really knows who to tru…

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Design: only 50% of the job

Design: only 50% of the job.

I love design. And I love designing for print. For the best part of 25 years I’ve worked on design-for-print projects from the bizarre to the borderline impossible and, for the most part, have enjoyed…

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Inspiration – the real force.

…Yes, I’m jumping on the cantina bandwagon. Important dates and deadlines are looming large at this time of year but this week there has been one date that has usurped them all. Yes, alongside m…

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