Are your social feeds more than just pretty pictures?

social media testing
Who doesn’t like a well curated social media feed?

But Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and to a lesser degree Facebook and Twitter are all guilty of making us feel inadequate.  Our garden isn’t dressed like a Moroccan souk, we can’t dance like Diversity and we haven’t managed to whip up a gourmet platter from a packet of rice and a tin of peaches.

Whilst the feeds that do all these things look amazing, what actual commercial value is there in them? They might make us feel inadequate but there is a real chance these feeds are themselves commercially inadequate.

Best use of marketing budget?

In our view, any digital activity – in fact any tactical marketing activity – ultimately HAS to lead to an increase in revenue. Likes, follows, engagement, opens, click throughs and mentions are all nice to have but, without commercial purpose, your FD will soon be wondering why money is being spent on digital and not elsewhere.

Test, test, test, repeat

Test, track, learn, adapt – it’s what we always encourage our clients to do. Test creative, test placement, test CTAs, test messaging, test offers. Track the results, dump what’s not working and do more of what is – even if what is working isn’t the sexiest creative.

It’s now fully possible to test the adage that ‘sex sells’ – and, for your brand, it might. But don’t shy away from what might appear to be run of the mill creative. If it appeals to your audience and converts to a sale, stand by it and be proud of it.

And whilst we are 100% behind brand awareness campaigns, we do encourage you to ensure your tactical marketing is set up to be measurable so as you can prove to that FD why you have made the choices you have, and what benefit they are showing to your business.

Are you testing enough?

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