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This week the Dunk team visited the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House in London – well worth a visit before it ends on 20 March.

Whether you embrace data or fear Big Brother, it was fascinating. It showcased the alarming access to ‘semi-private’ data right through to how inspiring the digital age is. We saw the power and importance of archiving, along with how data visualisation is an art form in itself, as well as how it can inform key decisions.

But overall, it has never been more important to know your audience when it comes to design.

The exhibit states that 90% of the world’s data was created in the past 2 years. That’s on a global scale, but every business with a website, social media presence, MES data or just an app, is also exponentially increasing the data they collect. How you use it effectively to drive marketing and design is the next big challenge.

All agencies creating customer and employee touch points for your business can benefit from the data you’re collecting, and do a better job for you when you share it with them (subject to your privacy policy and data protection laws, of course). And that’s from a simple print voucher right through to a complex eCommerce site, data can help to drive and inspire creativity.

So explore Google Analytics, combine it with your market research and try your own hand at data visualisation with Tableau and the like. And please share the outputs with your trusted agency partners – you’ll be astounded at how much more effective it will make your marketing spend.

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