The dawn of brand confidence.

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Last week we discussed how we thought the trend for nostalgia was dead; austerity had an impact on food retail design and brand provenance - and now we’re seeing authenticity superceding vintage with a postmodern explosion of typefaces, messages and graphics on menu design.

But what next?

We at Dunk Design think we’re starting to see brand confidence pervading brand provenance in the restaurant sector.

We went to Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge this week and the simplicity and clarity in their menu design, and understated provenance, gave the impression that this brand really knows what it is doing.

Less is always more in my eyes. It’s a steak house, with superior seafood options and cracking cocktails.

Research undertaken back in 2012 by foodservice analysts Horizon showed that, although people are exposed to more exotic tastes via the media and wanted to see innovation from their casual dining experience, the top 10 most commonly listed dishes remained largely unchanged. People still want steaks, burgers, pizzas and fish and chips from their casual dining.

So as economic and consumption trends tell us that ‘experience’ will become the tradeable commodity of the future, what does this mean for the casual dining sector?

How will design change – specifically menu design?

Yes, consumers have wanted innovation in the past but we think their behaviours then and now suggest otherwise, and 2016 will see a shift back to the confidence of your choice in ‘experience’ … rather than a noisy menu with vintage brand elements assaulting your senses.

All the tricks of the trade, including menu layout, anchors, pricing and overall language surrounding food provenance will be replaced by a simplicity that allows the brand to be truly who it wants to be.

Hawksmoor is already there. This is a brand that isn’t trying too hard to be everything to everyone. It has a clear menu, with a clear and superior experience.

Although the casual dining sector, including managed pubs, has seen growth over the past 12 months we think consolidation of concepts is on the horizon.

So what role will your brand play? And how can you inject more confidence into your brand provenance?

Take a look at Hawksmoor, or better yet, visit. It will be worth your while.

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