A lesson in content.

Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce journal
This week I got my copy of the RSA Journal and, as usual, it is like a little guilty pleasure that I read on my own in secret. I have even been known to read it hidden inside a copy of Grazia, so as to NOT highlight how long it takes me to pour over a single page.

Why? Because it’s so intellectual. It truly makes me ‘think’ and it takes me time to understand every piece, from the front cover to the back cover.

I love it.

It is the kind of content that is definitely King. The irony is that the Queen is the Patron of the RSA, so I suppose it’s fitting the content is of a royal standard.

But this issue is about policy and governments, driving growth and innovation. And the thing that has struck me most is the use of the words ‘growth’ and ‘innovation’.

Just like my addiction to my RSA Journals – and I still have the full collection from the date I became a Fellow – I feel like the words ‘growth’ and ‘innovation’ are good, great and exciting; but somehow wrong, out-of-place, or even dirty in the context of this content.

In fact, they’re being redefined in the context of what I’m learning about, what our future society could look like.

This content is changing me, not just passing me by.

So while I’m trying to understand Market Failure Theory and why social networks, the entrepreneurial state and policy must change, I’m reminded of why content is king.

Good content changes the way we become aware, consume and understand a message. The story changes around us by those influencing us, as well as by how the message is delivered. And this can happen fast.

We can now consume information so fast, in such enormous quantities, that we’re sometimes not sure where we heard it, or the context.

So as entrepreneurs, communities and marketers, facing enormous change, I wanted to remind you of a brand that remains consistently compelling through a truly effective content strategy…..and tip my hat to the RSA for maintaining their purpose.

Challenge me, inspire me, educate me and empower me. And never steer away from your content strategy – it is at the heart of what makes you great.

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