Brexit & burgers!? The next battle ground for casual dining.

Burger and chips
In October PwC shared a report on the effect Brexit is likely to have on the hospitality and leisure sector here in the UK. There was good and bad news.

Firstly, the good news.

Staycations are going to rise. 45% of those surveyed would be taking more holidays here in the UK and inbound leisure tourism is set to rise due to the weaker pound. Fantastic I hear all my lovely clients, partners and friends in the casual dining sector, cry.

The bad news.

39% of those surveyed will cut eating out, with 34% cutting ‘going out’ all together. Not so many happy returns and exaltations about that news this festive season.

The result.

More competition. None of us needed the nice people at PwC to tell us that. But what they have given us is insight on connecting with those who will be ‘going out’ and ‘eating out’, so we can adapt.

Standing out from the crowd is nothing new but we can all leverage the likes of CRM, our service standards and good promotional design better. We need to design our promotional strategies, plan our offers and execute fulfillment better; all in order to compete for those looking for relief from the Brexit chaos while welcoming those looking for that British experience.

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