Collaboration in an unexpected place…

Pinterest. The image sharing platform is the darling of brides and grooms to be, the go-to resource for home renovators and a not to be missed source of healthy recipes. But we love it for a whole different reason. Collaboration.

There are many ways to share images with clients, but time and time again, we come back to Pinterest. It serves as a rough and ready ‘mood board’ – with all parties able to view / add / comment at any time (as long as we can share and they can log-in – but that’s a whole other post). Projects can evolve quickly – an initial idea can be taken off in a new direction whilst on the phone to the client, and the themes can evolve right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Whilst we love a mood board, sometimes you need a more fluid, fast and flexible approach and, for us, Pinterest offers this.

Our project boards are kept private but we have a wealth of public themed boards to offer inspiration, and show examples of our work. Check us out at and let us know what you think.

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