Kodak – Don Draper would be proud.

Kodak logo
The new Kodak logo has been launched. I like it. In fact, I love it. And perhaps because it’s not that new.

It turns out that they did some research and 58% of respondents recognised the K. I’d love to know how that breaks down by demographic. I would gamble there might be a lot of generation X & Y in there, and not so many Millennials.

It’s actually going back to the iterations launched in both 1971 and 1987, using the iconic K. It has taken inspiration from founder George Eastman and his scientific and creative vision and given birth to something new, but still familiar.

As it turns out, this all coincides with the launch of their new Ektra smartphone and the real differentiator is the camera. Genius.

For all of us who know, remember and love Kodak, that’s what we remember it for. Not necessarily cameras, but great photography, quality memories and tangible sharing of experiences.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, checkout the Mad Men scene where Don Draper introduces us to the Kodak Carousel.

So a big thumbs up from us, for using great design already burned into our memories, and making it relevant for a new generation as part of their day-to-day lives. Ektra Smartphone, or the Carousel, Kodak is in the business of making us feel emotion.

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