Yo, are you changing, or just teasing?

Yo! Sushi has just rebranded. Again.

And this time I reckon they’ve got it just…about…right (bar the thick black keylines, it’s more mature, cleaner and stripped back)

But why have they embarked on another re-brand (with a different agency) in the space of 6 months? For a brand built on successful idiosyncrasy, this seems like a weird move. Not only does this probably duplicate major investment, it hasn’t been rolled out anywhere other than online.

And as they’re saying the brand look is still ‘evolving’, their new 200 page ‘brand book’ looks like an expensive vanity piece. Is this unusual approach fresh, or is there something fishy going on?

Making branding changes in a 2D environment is easier than making them work in 3D but they’ve still got to work in the end. So is this delay in moving to merchandising part of the managed brand transition? Are they using the slow, and somewhat confusing transition, as brand communication in itself?

An idiosyncratic brand transition for a great, idiosyncratic brand. Time will tell…and I’m curious about what happens next, yo.

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