Founded in 1966, St George’s House has provided a safe physical and intellectual space where people who are prepared to make a difference in society gather to debate topics of national and international significance. The House is a place that thrives on cogent argument and careful listening, a place where dialogue is pre-eminent.


2016 sees the fiftieth anniversary of St George’s House and one of the ways in which they chose to celebrate was to host a week of lectures, seminars and debates, open to the general public. Based within the grounds of Windsor Castle, the events covered a range of eclectic and topical subjects ranging from education to the UK’s role in Europe; from human rights to Shakespeare.


The Festival of Ideas was exciting to us for its’ inclusivity – giving anyone a chance to experience events that typically take place behind closed doors. The thought provoking subject matter, combined with renowned speakers and the unique location made the series of events stand out from the norm.

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The St George’s House team are very proficient at hosting events, but the Festival of Ideas was something completely new for them.  The public nature meant stepping into a slightly more commercial world – promoting through broad marketing, whereas they are used to communicating on a personal level.


Working with a non-commercial organisation, where the ‘product’ being promoted was so intellectual, was very interesting for us.  It was important to produce graphics empathetic to the nature of the events and their surroundings, and sat comfortably alongside the established St George’s House identity.


The suite of materials had to sit sympathetically within the historic surroundings of St George’s Chapel – yet attract enough attention to pique interest and convey the details of the events. They also needed to work in the wider community and online.

The events appealed to a cerebral audience and needed to appropriate a sense of a relaxed discussion in an academic environment so the logo could be neither too conservative or too irreverent. It also needed to incorporate the existing St. George’s House colours and a logo that embodied a substantial heritage.

The branding was implemented on the St George’s House website and we also produced brochures, posters and pull up stands to support the promotional activity.


Without a doubt, the Festival of Ideas was well received by those that attended and the supporting marketing campaign and materials brought awareness of St George’s House to a wider audience.

The timeliness of the lecture on the UK”s role within Europe was not only fortuitous, but drew in the BBC’s Economics Editor, Kamal Ahmed, who made reference to the lecture in his segment on the 10pm news that evening.