Provocative or Thought Provoking?

the era of broadcast media is DEAD
Content generation for new business development, now that’s a minefield.

A recent blog by Lucy Mann, a DBA Expert Advisor, got me thinking. It talks about making friends with your inner sales person, which as she rightly explains, fills most people with dread.

What she ultimately talks about is staying in contact with people, considering everyone as interesting and how even small businesses can be thought leaders with authentic content. In the office, we’ve used the term “thought provoking”.

All this is good advice but the thing that struck me most is the term “thought provoking”.

We’re about to launch a new website, showing some of what we think is our best work. You may find this interesting, you may not, but what we’re really trying to do is stay in contact with our network by sharing what we like to call Dunk’s Brain. This is all the thought provoking content we generate, curate or simply see.

Sure, there’s LinkedIn, email and the good old telephone. But you don’t want to pester people with waffle or even what they might consider “crap”.

So with our own marketing plans including email, events, networking etc – timed to perfection we hope – we’ve decided the website platform is as good as any for all our clients, friends, partners and prospects to decide exactly what is “thought provoking” for them, at their pace.

And it’s not all about us. We’re just looking to share what we think is “thought provoking”, whether that’s an opinion, good work, or our own experiences.

So yes, we’re looking to grow our business with “thought provoking” work. And we’d love to talk to you about what we think is provocative, but we’re also interested in what you find authentic content.

Maybe even asking yourself what’s “thought provoking” for your brand is food for thought in itself?

Watch out for our new site launch later this month. We hope you’ll find it…..?

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