Why is consistent address information crucial to SEO?

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Google loves a constant

When it comes to putting together an overview of your business, it’s not unusual to agonise over the smallest of details, writing and rewriting copy.  But one thing that is seemingly simple to sort can have a big impact on how you are viewed online – your address.

It’s common knowledge that regular updates to your website, blog and social media feeds help improve your Google visibility, but your address is one place where Google loves a constant.

And you may well think you’re being constant but, if you think about all the places online your address is listed, are you? Are you Limited or Ltd, or both?  Are you in Berks, Berkshire or both? Is your phone number +44 (0)1753 854995 or 01753 854995 or 0175 385 4995.  All of these will still help potential customers find you but, crucially, Google almost penalises you for these differences.

The first place to start is to review your Google My Business entry and make sure it’s correct for each location you trade from. Here’s a handy Google guide.

Once that’s watertight …
  • Check your email signatures and website to ensure they are in the same format
  • Google your business and check how you are listed in any business listings, directories, review sites – remember that your details might not have been entered by someone from your business
  • Ensure all employees know the new rules!

When you think of everything you invest in to build your business, spending time ensuring the above is correct seems like a no brainer. Can you afford not to do it?

Digital Housekeeping is just one of the many design and marketing services we offer our clients.  Get in touch to find out how we can help you increase your online visibility and get more commercial return from your digital investment.

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