“Working with Dunk is akin to having an in-house innovative and professional design team at our fingertips.”Colin West, OEM Business Development Manager – Keeler


A global manufacturer and supplier of ophthalmic equipment. A leading innovator in their field, driven by engineering excellence for client care.


After years of working with Dunk Design, across product and channel branded communications, Keeler moved to strategically emphasise their innovative approach to product development.

Although a well-known and respected brand across the sector, Keeler was making plans to launch into a new product category for them and one they wanted to take market share in quickly.


Taking a position in an already established product category was a brave move for Keeler but one they knew their brand equity could support.

Keeler is known for reliable, quality products but this new innovation would be a departure from their normal steady product range. As a result they wanted to leverage their brand strength, awareness and create energy around the new launch.

Keeler therefore worked with Dunk Design to deliver creativity across product positioning, including everything from product labeling to video, user manuals to a full suite of launch materials.

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Premium positioning

Leveraging the brilliance of Keeler Optics, we created a premium suite of materials for all channel communications. Leveraging Keeler’s reliability and premium positioning, while differentiating with the new innovation, we focused on product positioning through a new specification brochure and a digital video launch.

Turn a trend upside down

Differentiating the brand through design that turned the medical marketing trend of white and clean-light upside down. Taking the product and treating it like a high-end consumer technology product, we introduced black backgrounds and natural highlights.

Changing opinions

In doing this we were able to update the Keeler brand and supporting design, dramatically cutting through any previously held opinions and recall.

A highly successful product launch – leading to 5 star reviews for usability and value for money in “Optometry Today” magazine

Improved distribution conversations and feedback, including new agreements with distributors that were previously focused on competitor brands.

Digital success with 4,000 views on YouTube, along with increasing numbers of enquiries for distributors worldwide.

Dunk is continuing the brand journey for Keeler across new communications material for the range, along with a new focus on the value of brand design to their product success.

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Keeler Symphony
Keeler Symphony